Five Boro Soap Company

Handmade in Brooklyn NY

Hi my name is Carlos & Five Boro Soap Co. is my project. I enjoy making soap & hearing the positive response I receive about the effects my soaps have on people & how they can see & feel the difference between artisanal soap & commercial type soaps. My soaps are made of all natural oils, butters & essential oils.  

I'm originally from the Bronx. I moved to Manhattan for about 20 years pursuing a career in photography & now I landed in crown heights Brooklyn. a true New Yorker through & through. So this soap company is a homage for my Love to NYC. A city that creates many forms of art from diverse music genres to visual forms or expression. Along with the artsy side I enjoy the diversity of people, cultures & most important of all “FOOD!” 

I love it all!

I love being a New Yorker. 

So I suppose this is one of the ways Im expressing my love for NEW YorK. 


The Idea

Here at Five Boro Soap Co. we take pride in making soap the old-fashioned way & that’s doing it by hand & carefully mixing different butters, oils & essential oils. 





Style & Quality

My soaps are not perfect. They have nicks, rough edges & sometimes they can be a bit warped just like NYC is - but isn't that what we appreciate the most about this city? One thing for sure is that my soaps are made with good stuff straight from the earth & with good honest intentions.

100% Handmade

It’s nice to be able to make a product that people are enjoying as much as I enjoy making it.

Thank you for stopping by!

oh yeah i run a cruelty free business so any kind of testing wAS done on humans & humans only!  :)